Rust Resources - providing manpower solutions to the oil and gas industry that result in the best operational performance and the lowering of customer operational risk.


1. Register online with Rust Resources

  1. Your details will be directly imported into our database and then all our recruitment staff worldwide will have the ability to see that you are available.


2. Apply for jobs

  1. Via our website
  2. Contact the Rust Resources recruitment team on (UK) +44 1932 878 500 (US) +1 713 590 0360
    or personnel@rustresources.com


3. Application review

  1. A dedicated recruiter will review all applications for jobs made and if they think you match the clients job description they will arrange a call to discuss the job.
  2. The recruiter will talk you through your resume and then the job description and ask any relevant questions that will enable them to ensure that your are a right fit for the application.
  3. As a potential applicant you will have the ability to ask questions about the position as well.


4. Resume submitted to client

  1. If there is mutual agreement then the resume will be formatted and submitted to the client.
    All resumes are reviewed by the senior members of the operation team before resumes are submitted.


5. Interview process

  1. If the client would like to take the application forward this can take various forms. This may be by telephone interview, skype interview, face to face interview and in some instances written compliance tests are required.
  2. At each stage of the process the recruiter will liaise by providing support and feedback.


6. Pre-mobilisation

  1. For the successful candidate there will be contracts to be completed depending on the status of the employment.
  2. Depending on the client there may be additional requirements for the job such as training courses, inductions etc and Rust will arrange these for you.
  3. Rust will handle any visa, insurance and travel plans that the job may entail.


7. Mobilisation

  1. Mobilisation covers your travel to the job, the work you perform there and your travel back home.
  2. Rust will handle all home-leave travel arrangements and support calls.


8. Throughout the assignment

  1. Rust is with you throughout your assignment providing on-going courtesy support calls, regular site visits and 24 hour emergency support.




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