"Whenever I have referred your company to one of our international ad-hoc teams in need of specialized personnel support, you have continued to provide expert guidance and administrative execution assistance. Thank you for your past and continuing excellent support."



"During my employment with a major oil company over the last 20+ years I have engaged the services of Rust Resources on a number of occasions, including during 1993 – 1997 in my position as a Project Contracts Supervisor and during 2001 – 2007 in my position as Development Project Contracts Director, both on international mega-projects. In addition, I am familiar with the fact that Rust Resources has provided services to major oil companies over a number of years in many areas internationally. This is an overview of the services that Rust Resources has, to my knowledge, provided internationally over the years: - Rust Resources have been providing services to several major oil companies continuously since 1993. - They have a reputation with a European Authority as a ‘Serious Company’. - Rust Resources first worked in China in 1995 on major projects and have been continuously since then. Displaying sound knowledge of the rules they have competently, efficiently and proactively complied with all the requirements of the Chinese Authorities in respect of tax, work permits etc."



"Your company made the effort to research not only our company requirements, but of those of our host government. Rust invoices were submitted in accordance with our expectations and in most cases complete without error. When the tax laws changed your company withheld invoicing until you were satisfied that your submission was correct and not subject to dispute. You applied the necessary resources to take the burden off our company shoulders and streamline the potential for concern, not only if we were in compliance with government tax laws, but on how your staff would be treated."


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